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An Airplane Lands in Saulsville

In the summer of 1935, Lacy Evans, a native son of Saulsville, flew his Piper Cub airplane from Bluefield to Saulsville. After circling a few times, he reasoned that he could come down and land on the lower end of the meadow owned by GC 'Jake' McGraw. The landing was rough and bumpy but he did it.
By recent mail, some of Lacy's relatives knew of his coming and were there to greet him. It was not long until a good sized crowd had gathered and anticipated an exciting landing and take-off.
After talking to his relatives and friends, by the time to take off back to Bluefield, Lacy, joined by Roy Tilley, his nephew, taxied up and down the meadow a few times deciding it was too short and rough for a successful takeoff. They then chose the one lane road for the lift off.
Lacy suggested to the crowd that if they could lift his small 2 seat plane over the barb wire fence and back it up the road a piece, he might be able to get airborn and return to Bluefield. The crowd followed his suggestions and with their help, the plane was soon airborn and headed for Bluefield.
It was told that Lacy came back a few days later piloting a larger plane, but after circling a few times, decided against trying to land.
Mr Ray Wells of Mullens, who furnished this story reported that his father was killed in 1934 while landing.