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Civil War Soldiers

It cannot accurately be determined how people living in Saulsville were involved in the Civil War. It appears, according to Mary K Bowmans History Book, taken from notes compiled by GP Goode, that most people living in Saulsville area chose to remain neutral, hearing and seeing what was taking place in adjoining areas of Wyoming County with ? going on between the Union and the Federalist, with the Federals having the upper hand because of having the most sympathizers.
After reading and searching thru rosters of soldiers who served in the Civil War and ? & Home Guard Action, this reporter compiled the following list of soldiers on the basis of last names, who may or may not be from the Saulsville area.

Isaac Workman, 28
Andrew J Mullens, 19
Dinte Short, 19
Burrell Workman, 24, captured
Levi D Clay
James Milam
Mont P Roach
William Roach
William H Cozort
Dudley Milam, confederate soldier killed 1861
Valentine Meadows
Elijah Meadows
Harry Roach
John Tolliver, killed in Webster County
Anderson Meadows, died in service
Barney Evans
Dave Meadows, killed by ambush while working in the field 1862, by Union Soldiers*
Sol Mullins, son of Capt Sanders Mullins, of Union Home Guard accidentally shot himself while talking about killing Meadows,
Jesse Lester
Reese A Milam
Leftridge Mills
Joshua Day
Capt Sanders Mullins
Capt Duncan
Dudley McMillan
John C Tilley, lost a leg at Cold Harbour.

*The reason for the ambush is unknown but it appears that soldiers on either side used personal feelings not associated with the war for an excuse to kill. It is suspected that Sol Mullins shot himself in the heart while cleaning his rifle at Wiley Phillips home while talking to Wiley's wife wondering who the killer was since he didnt kill Dave Meadows himself, or so he told Mrs Phillips

Wyoming County Union & Confederate Soldier Roster