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12. ELEANOR B. TOLER, female, d. 12 Dec. 1853 at Clear 

Fork. "Chocked"; age 8 mo. 11 days (d/o WM. 

ELIZABETH TOLER) b. Wy] Co.; Informant: WM. TOLER, father. |

13. ANN COOKE, female, d. 2 July 1853 at Clear Fork 

of croupe age 1-1-28; (d/o ISAAC 

SAPHRONA COOK) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant: ISAAC COOK, father. ~

14. ELMIRA F. TOLER, female, d. 12 Dec. 1853 at Clear Fork

 o' scarlet fever; age 2-1-8; (d/o DAVID 

MARY TOLER) b.-Wyo. Co.; Informant:DAVID TOLER, father. ~

15. JAS. ANDERSON, male, d. 5 July 1853 at Wyo. Cho. 

of pneumonia; age 4-1-17 (s/o J.H. MARY ANDERSON) 

b. Fayatte Co., Va.; Informant:JNO H. ANDERSON, father. l

16. MARTHA MC DONALD, female, d. 4 Nov. 1853 at Clearfork

 of) consumption; age 27-1-7 (d/o WM. 

MARIAH MC DONALD) b. Wyo. Co.;, Informant: WM. MC DONALD, father.

17. _ GIVEN, female, d. 20 Oct. 1853 at Clearfork of cold;

 age 1 mo.; (parents not given) Informant: WM. MCDONALD, owner.

18. SAM S. COOKE, male, d. 7 Sept. 1853 at Laurel Fork 

of flux; age 12-10-25 (s/o WM. CLOA COOKE) b. Wyo. Co.; 

Informant: WM. COOKE, father.

19. WILLIAM COOKE, male, d. 10 Aug. 1853 at Wyo. Cho. 

of flux; age 69-2-3 (s/o JNO. NELLY COOKE) b. Montgomery, 

Va.; Occupation: farmer; c/o C. COOKE; Informant: CATH. 

COOKE, wife.

P_ _

1. ELIZABETH GODFREY, female, d. 4 Sept. 1854 , Wyo. Co.

 of scarlet fever; age 5-5-6 (d/o THOS. MARGRET) b.Wyo.Co.

; Informant: father.

2. PLEASANT GODFRY, male, d. 20 Aug. 1854, Wyo. Co., 

of scarlet fever; age 1-1-17 (s/o OSKER P. ELIZABETH 

GODFRY) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant: father.

3. JOHN H. SIZEMORE, male, d. 15 March 1854 in Wyo. Co.; 

cause not known, age 15-1-15 (s/o GEO. MARY SIZEMORE) 

b. Wyo. Co.; Informant:father

4. JOHN BRAGG, male, d. 29 Oct. 1854, Wyo.Co. of dropsy; 

age 685-0; (s/o JOSEPH MARGARET BRAGG) b. Wyo. Co.; 

married; Informant:JONAS BRAGG, friend.

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