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17. MARY A. WORKMAN, female, d. 13 Aug. 1882 of consumption; age 23-4-3; (~io WM. & NELLIE ROACH) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant:W. W. WORKMAN, Husband.

18. ALFRED B. WORKMAN, male, d. 17 Sept. 1882 of croup at 3 mo. 6 days; (s/o W. W. & MARY A. WORKMAN) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant: W. W. WORKMAN, Father.

19. CHAS. W. WORKMAN, male, d. 22 Sept. 1882; cause unknown; age 1 mo. 3 days; (J. F. & L. WORKMAN) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant: L. WORKMAN, Mother.

PAGE 18: Complete information is not given on many of these entries.ALL INFORMATION RECORDED HAS BEEN LISTED.

1. NOT NAMED (BROOKS),male, d. 30 Dec. 1883 at Clear Fork;(sto J. M. & EMILINE BROOKS); Informant: J. BROOKS, Father.

2. NOT NAMED (LAMBERT), female, d. 29 June 1883 at Laurel Fork; (d/o J. P. & EMILY LAMBERT; Informant: J. P. LAMBERT, Father.

3. HANNAH MAYNOR, female, d.17 Apr.1883 at Clear Fork of dropsy at age 50 yrs.; (parents not known); Informant: JOHN MAYNOR, Husband. [Compiler's Note: Information on the Maynor Family can be found in Raleigh Co. and Fayette Co. records.]

4. ROSS COOK, male, d. 29 Mch. 1883 at Laurel Fork; age 2 mo.; (s/o L.Jr. & MARY COOK); Informant: L. COOK, JR., Father.


1. JOHN RODES, male, slave , d. 15 Apr.1883 at Laurel Branch; (s/o SAML. & HARRIET RODES); Informant: S. Rdodes (Colored), Father.

2. JULINA MORGAN, female,d. 21 Jan 1883 at Clear Fork of Heart Disease; age 44 yrs; Informant: M. MORGAN, Husband.

3. LUCINDA CLINE, female, d. 13 Apr. 1883 at Clear Fork of fever; age 27 yrs. Informant: P. CLINE, Relationship not stated.

4. SINTHA GOODMAN, female, d. 20 May 1883 at Clear Fork of consumption ; age 42 yrs.; Informant: W. C. GOODMAN.

5. SUSAN HARVEY, female, d. 29 Sept. 1883 at Clear Fork; burned to death at 2 yrs.; (d/o A. S. & VIOLET HARVEY) Informant: A. S. HARVEY, Father.


1. DILLA LESTER, female, (d/o LLOYD & LUVICA LESTER); Informant: LLOYD LESTER, Father.

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