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PAGE _ Place of death, place of birth, and occupation columns are not filled in on this page. Many names are not given. Dates and cause of death are not given for the first nine entries.

1. E. BRUNTY, male, (1885) age 4 mo. 3 days; (s/o WM. BRUNTY); Informant: WM. BRUNTY, Head of family.

2. ELVIRA BELCHER, female, (1885) age 21 yrs.; (parents not given) nothing further.

3. C. BLANKINSHIP, male, (1885) age 12-6-4; (s/o JOHN W. BLANKIRSHIP) Informant: J. W. BLANKINSHIP, Head of family.

4. JOSSIE GORE, female, (1885) age 2 yrs; (d/o JOSEPH & MARY GORE), Informant:JOS.GORE, Head of family.

5. (NOT GIVEN), male, (1885) age 8 mo. 13 days; (s/o WM. & RUAH MASSEY) Informant: WM. MASSEY, Head of family.

6. (NOT GIVEN), male, (1885) age 11 mo. 4 days; (s/o ZETTO & M. J. MORRIS) Informant: ZETTO MORRIS, Head of family.

7. (NOT GIVEN), male, (1885) age 1 yr. 6 mo. (s/o CATE CASTON); Informant: L. D. WALLS, Friend.

8. RUHAMA COMBS, female, (1885) age 1-6-4; (s/o SARAH & WM. C. COMBS) Informant: WM. C. COMBS, Head of family.

9. (NOT GIVEN), female, (1885) age 1 mo. 3 days; (s/o M.E. & M.J. SIZEMORE) Informant: M. J. SIZEMORE, Head of family.

10. G. BUCHANAN, male, d. 15 Aug. 1885 age 4 mo. 11 days; (s/o W. N. & V. BUCHANAN) Informant: W. N. BUCHANAN, Head of family.

11. POLLY CLAY, female, d. 1 Dec. 1885 of consumption at age 62 yrs; (parents not given); Informant: H. J. CLAY, Head of family.

12. MARY & MARTHA JACKSON, females, d. 22 & 28 May 1885 at ages 7 and 13 yrs; cause of deaths unknown; (daughters of M. & J. JACKSON) Informant: JAS. J. JACKSON, Head of family.

13. N. E. MULLINS, female, d. 4 July 1885 age 5 mo. 9 days; (parents not given) Informant: W. MULLINS, Head of family.

14. CALVIN SIZEMORE, male, d. 28 May 1885 of consumption at age 52-2-6; (parents not given) Informant: MARY SIZEMORE, Wife.

15. (NAME NOT RECORDED), female, d. 30 March 1885 age 11 days; (d/o C. & W. R. BLANKINSHIP) Informant: W. R. BLANKINSHIP, Head of family.

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