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6. ISAAC HARPER, male, d. 19 March 1889; cause not given; age 11 days, (s/o JOHN & PHOEBE HARPER) Informant: JOHN HARPER, Head of family.

7. WILLARD HATFIELD, male, d. 6 May 1889 of whooping cough at 3 mo. oT ag-e, (S-To A-LEXANDER & SARAH HATFIELD) Informant: ALEXANDER HATFIELD, Head of family.

8. ROLAND BURK, male, d. October 1889 of measles at 63 yrs;(parents not given) Informant: MRS. BARBARA BURK, Wife.

9. HENDERSON GRAHAM, male, d. 10 June 1889 of fever; nothing further gi@ven,-@ Informant: MARINDA (?)A. GRAHAM, Wife.

10. ULYSSES G. GRAHAM, male, d. 24 Apr. 1889; cause not given; age 11 mo. 29 Tays, (s/o W. R. & LURINDA GRAHAM) Informant: W. R. GRAHAM, Father.

11. NANCY JANE LANE, female, d. 20 Oct. 1889 of measles; age not given, (d7o--T.--M. & POLLY LANE) Informant: A. M. LANE, Father.

12. HITTIE A. MEADOWS, female, d. I Dec. 1889 of whooping cough at 10 mo.; '(d7o-'iW.-T. & MARTHA E. MEADOWS) Informant: W. T. MEADOWS, Father.

13. WM. H. H. TILLER, male, d. 5 Aug. 1889 of cholera infection at 5 r6o-. 2-(T-d-gy-s, (-s/o W. M. & MARIAM A. TILLER) Informant: W. M. TILLER, Father.

14. NANCY J. LITTLE, female, d. 15 Dec. 1889 of whooping cough at 9 Mo. 5 U-ays,-(d/o W. N. & N. J. LITTLE) Informant: W. N. LITTLE, Father.

15. CLARENA E. CHRISTIAN, male, d. 2 Sept. 1889; cause and age not gtven-, (d-7o J. J. & ALICE CHRISTIAN) Informant: J. J. CHRISTIAN, Father.

16. ALABELLE COOK, female, d. 30 April 1889 of burns;age 10 yrs; (d/o !rEM &-ELL@EN-COOK) Informant: PEM COOK, Father.

17. J--- HAMBRICK, female, d. 30 April of consumption; age not
given; InTormant: C. A. HAMBRICK, Husband.[Compilers note: CHAS. A. HAMBRICK married JANE COX in Wyoming Co. 27 May 1880. She was 22 yrs. of age and states born in Alleghany Co., North Carolina]

18. JACOB TOLER, male, d. 16 Dec. 1889; (s/o WM. J. & M. TOLER);

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