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21. BLEUFORD R. BAILEY, male, d. 9 July 1890 in Wyo. Co. of flux; (s/o J5Hg-p. & MELVINA BAILEY) Informant: JOHN P. BAILEY, Father.

22. ESSIE E. BAILEY, female, d. 5 July 1890 in Wyo. Co. at age 1 day; (dTo-JTM-ES K. & SARAH E. BAILEY) Informant: JAMES K. BAILEY, Father.

23. ROSEBELLE BELL, female, d. Aug. 1890; "stack on a pitchfork"; (d/o JAME@T F. & PRISSILA V. BELL) Informant: JAMES F. BELL, Father.

24. JOHN CHURCH, male, d. 10 Dec. 1890 in Wyo. Co.; falling from
a ba@..-.,- -(-s-To-ISAAC & SARAH A. CHURCH) Informant: ISAAC CHURCH, Father.

25. BIRTHA GRAHAM, female, d. I Aug. 1890 in Wyo. Co. of flux; (d/o ROBERT & MARTHA F. GRAHAM) Informant: ROBERT GRAHAM, Father.

26. TEDDA F. LUSK, female, d. 12 July 1890 of diarrhoea; (d/o MONTERVT= r-RO'S=LLE LUSK) Informant: MONTEVILLE LUSK, Father.

27. MARINDA J. MC KINNEY, female, d. April 1890 of croup; (d/o JOHN W. & JANE MC 7I-NNEY) Informant: JOHN W. MC KINNEY, Father.

28. HATTIE A. MEADOWS, female, d. 17 Nov. 1890 of whooping cough; (d/o T. & ELLEN MEADOWS) Informant: WM. T. MEADOWS, Father.

29. JOHN L. SOLESBURY, male, d. Feb. 1890; (s/o JOHN R. & ELLEN SOLESBURY) Informant: JOHN L. SOLESBURY, Father.

30. NOT NAMED (MC GRAW), sex not identified, d. July 1890; (child of R. L. M(f-GRAW)

31. NOT NAMED (MC GRAW), sex not identified. (child of J. B. MC GRAW).

32. NOT NAMED (TOLLIVER), sex not identified. (child of JOHN TOLLIVER).

33. LUVENA TOLER, female, d. 17 July 1890. (child of FLOYD- TOLLIVER). Informant: FLOYD TOLLIVER, Father. [Compilers note: this is probably an error, and should be either Luvena Tolliver or Floyd Toler.]

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