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5. FLOYD RIFFE, male, d. 15 Aug.; cause unknown; age 5-3-20; (s/o WILLIAM MARGARET RIFFE) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant: LEWIS RIFFE, brother.

6. LAIN SHANNON, male, d.15 Aug. 1865 of Old Age at 76-3-3; (s/o JAMES SARAH SHANNON) b. Tazewell Co., Va.; Occupation: farmer; Married; Informant: JAMES SHANNON, friend.

7. CORTNEY TOLER, female, d. 1 Sept. 1865 of consumption at age 32-4-6; (d/o BARNES DEAL * ) b. Logan Co.; Occupation: housewife; married; Informant: JOHN PAINTER, friend.

8. BURNEL FARLEY, male, d. 25 Aug. 1865 in Kanawha Co. of fever; age 41-4-20 (s/o MADISON IBA FARLEY) b. Wyo. Co.; Occupation: farmer; unmarried; Informant: father.

9. NOT NAMED (LESTER),female, d. 2 Oct. 1865; cause unknown; age 5 mo. 20 days (d/o DAVID SARAH LESTER) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant:father.

10. NOT NAMED (MULLIN), female, d. 12 Oct. 1865; cause unknown; age 4 mo.; (d/o JOS.MARY MULLIN) b. Tazewell Co., Va.; Informant:father.

11. N NAMED (BLANKINSHIP), male, d. 5 Dec. 1865; cause unknown; age 5 mo. 5 days (s/o ELI MARY BLANKINSHIP) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant: father.

END of 1865

1. WILLIAM BROOKS male, d. 5 May 1866;cause unknown; age 66 yrs; (s/o RICHARD PEGGY BROOKS) b. Tazewell Co., Va.; occupation: farmer; married; Informant: PEGGY BROOKS, wife. 2

. SARAH J. BEVERLY, female, d. 2 Dec. 1866 of a tumor; age 2 yrs.; (d/o WILLIAM ELIZABETH BEVERLY) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant: WILLIAM BEVERLY, father.

3. --VERMONT COOK, male, d. 19 July 1866; drowned; age 13 yrs; (s/o ROBINSON NANCY COOK) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant:ROBINSON COOK, father.

4. PRISSIA V. DUNN, female, d. 17 May 1866; cause unknown; age 2 yrs., (d/o JOHN MARY A. DUNN) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant: JOHN DUNN, father.

5. NOT NAMED LUSK, male, d. 25 Apl. 1866 of croup; age 2 months 11 days; (s/o FLOYD CLARRIE LUSK) b. Wyo. Co.; Informant: FLOYD LUSK,father.

6. WM. L. STEWART, male, d. 15 Sept. 1866 of "consuption"; age 21 years; (s/o JOHN ELIZABETH STEWART) b. Mercer Co., Va.; Informant: JAMES C. STEWART, brother.

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