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Indian Stories

The first settlement at Saulsville was a temporary one used by the Shawnee Indian hunters who may have followed the Shawnee Indian Trail down Barkers Ridge to the Guyandotte River to the present day Elmore and then on to just above the present day Itmann Tipple. They may have climbed the hill on the right of the river to what is now know as Bowers Ridge then moved and hunted through Black Fork area to present Saulsville where there were many fur bearing animals, or they may have come from Raleigh County through Glen Daniels to the Saulsville area.
According to Indian artifacts found in and around Saulsville, the Indians must have spent much time hunting in the area. It appears that they had a stopping off place before moving on upon the small flat next to the Roscoe Goode (old Robt Belcher) place. A trailer home is located on the site now. A spot there has been found where the Indians made their arrow heads, many chips and imperfect arrowheads where found there.
It has been written that Indians ceased to visit Wyoming County before 1800.

Another Indian Story of the Clay Family Massacre