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Locations of Family Homes in Saulsville

Settlers who lived on the lower end of the Ridge, west of Old Wiley Bower home. Most of this land area was made up of small farms leased from the Pocohontas Land Company. Following is a list of names of families who have lived on that small ridge, beginning about 1850.
Greenbury Adkins, Frank 'Pug' Adkins, Arden Adkins
Charley Workman & children, Steve Workman, Pat Workman. some of the Workmans lived near Farley Branch on the Cabin Creek side about 1880.
Silas Canada
William Toler, Floyd Toler, Dave Toler,
Doll, Boss & Pet Ray, Bob Ray, Sank Ray, Charley Ray
Walter Halsey, Lee Halsey
Millard Houck
Hugh Green
Sam Clark
Gideon Blankenship
Ward Smith
Dave Bower
Young Dave Bower

Peter Belcher & Tobias Belcher until 1866
Some Cook family
Wiley Bower
? Wyatt, near the Bower cemetery

Leaving Wiley Bower place, less than a mile northeast ws the old farm owned by Martin Houck and referred to as the Houck place. The following people lived there:
Martin Houck, Urey Evans, Dave Bower, Tom Houck

Going out the ridge northeast about 1/2 mile toward the park campgrouns was the Old Jim Woods farm and the old Billy & Cresy Roach farm which were bordering farms. In this immediate area lived:
Jim Wood, Freeman Canada, Emmitt Sizemore, John Widner. Martin Houck owned the lease later.
John Roach lived in that area, now the Park Store and convenience building.

Under the ridge, east of the park store in the head of Still Run lived;
Matt Shumate, his son Tom Shumate and Lee Workman.

On the other ridge, northeast, was the Jesse Severt farm, a part of the old Eury Evans farm and later Uncle Dave Bower farm . Living there were:
Jesse Severt, Dave Severt ( in assistant park superintendents house)

Traveling 1/4 mile on out the ridge northeast off the road on the right before getting to Rich Knob & the assistant's house, was the old Euriah Evans farm. Living there were:
Euriah Evans, Dave Bower, Jim Bower, Joe Bower, Toby Bower and Paul Bower

Continuing on out the ridge 1/4 mile and in the area of the Park Cabins was the Sarver Place.
Goin west/southwest of the Sarver farm and to the left of Black Fork Falls and on the left of Cabin Creek Falls, lived the following people:
Jenny Bower, John Dixon, Dick Woods, Nath Rose, John Cook, Ellis Cook, Elic Dixon, John Henry Dixon, Frank Bower, Jim Wood, Nathan Rose.

Going back to the top of the ridge and beyond the park cabins 1/4 mile to the entrance of the Euriah Evans and Uncle Dave Bower homeplace (left of road) and going beyond the homeplace east and under the hill at the head of Still Run Creek & Bear Wallow Rdige area, were small farms of the following people:
John Workman, Simpson Cook, Lee Tolliver, 'Dry John', George Webb, Matt Workman, Dave Goode, Jane Clay, Lee Clay, John Bower, Lee Canada, Ira Canada.

Joe McGee lived under the hill below Still Run near the Severt Place.

Bower's Ridge - Station Gap to Itmann Tipple to Guyandotte River, the farm futherest down Bower's Ridge and closest to the Guyandotte River was the home of Arden and Cynthia Adkins. They may have been the first family to live there, they had 13 children, William being the youngest with Cynthia dying after his birth in 1906. Aiden moved his family to Rockcastle Creek about 1910. Gideon & Rebecca Pendry Blankenship then moved into the farm.

Settler on Black Fork and the Golf Course Area

Beginning at the present 8th hole located at the lower end of the golf course, lived:
Silas Phillips, Flem Canada
In the area of the clubhouse lived:
Silas Phillips, Uriah Evans, Will Taylor, Will Graham, Ted Shumate
In the present 1st & 2nd hole on the golf course lived:
Jesse Tolliver, Sanders Shumate, James Bower,
Extending on up the creek to the Tolliver & Tilley Cemetery on the side of the hill lived:
Booker Tolliver, Charley Tolliver, Enoch Tolliver, Hiram Sr Tolliver, John Tilley, Will Tolliver
Vaden Tolliver, Okey Tilley.

Settlers of Marsh Fork Branch of Slab Fork

Beginning at the head of Marsh Fork Branch where Emmett Buchanan & Douglas Canada hollow presently are were the small farms of :
Uriah Evans, W G 'Doc' Phillips, Amos Tolliver, W Riley Shumate, Elzina Shumate, Lowell Canada, Roscoe Privett, Carl Meadows, Marvin Privett, Booker Tolliver, Emmett Buchanan, Enoch Sizemore, William Miller, Lewis Sizemore, and at present time Woodrow Tolliver, Johnny Sizemore, Jack Sizemore, Hiley Blankenship.

In the area of the Sweet Home Baptist Church lived:
Bill Bower, George Webb, other Webbs, Zeb Canada lived back on the ridge., Arnold Tilley
Below Black Bridge, N&W RR, were:
Ira Canada, Garland Clay, Lee Clay

Jonce Shumate Hollow Homesteads

Martin Sauls
Levi Clay
Mose Chafin
Oak Goode
Will Sauls on Windy gap above the Shumate Hollow
Jane Clay lived above Levi 'Shady'
Beck Shumate lived near the Clay fish pond

Saulsville Mountain towards Maben Homesteads

1. Just past the Ada Tolliver place is son Murrell/Patricia Gentry Tolliver place.
2. Next is another son, Jim/Mae Roles Tolliver home.
3. A bit further up the bottom is the old Amos/Amanda Privett Shumate place, son Dale, gson Steve and gdaughter Rita live here.
Across the road here is a road up the hill to an old cemetery...Tilley I believe.
4. Just past the Shumate place towards Maben is what probably is the George Milam place, then the W R Shumate place and even later the old Tollison Shumate farm. Willie 'Bud' Clay lived here for years and later K D Sizemore.
5. Next is the Kelly/Oma Sizemore place.
6. Next around the curve at the foot of Saulsville mountain is the Frank Shumate place, now the Bill/Sharon Canada place. Uncle Abe Acord lived in this area for a while.
7. Across the road and under the bank is the John/Beulah Dixon home.
8. Going on across the mountain and down to the foot on the right is the Emmett Buchannon place. First owned by Uriah Evans, then leased by Amos Tolliver, then leased to Doc Phillips.
9. On past here and to the left up a small hollow is the Douglas Canada place. This was first owned by Uriah Evans also. WR Shumate also lived and died on the property.
10. Just past this road and after the curve is the Virgie Privett place. This place was also leased by Carl Meadows and Lowell Canada.
11. On down the highway on the right a bit is the Woodrow Tolliver place. This lease was first owned by William Miller, son in law to Wiley Sizemore. Enoch Sizemore lived up above this home. Lewis & Jack Sizemore also lived on the place. Lewis's wife Becky moved acros the hill to stay with Posey Phillips.
12. Across the highway up a small branch is the Johnny Sizemore place.
13. On down the highway about 1/4 mile on the left is the Bill Bower homestead. George Webb and a Workman lived on the property before Bill.
14. Just past the Bower home is a dirt road leading up the mountain to the old Zeb Canada homestead. A Webb may have lived here first son n inlaw Arnold Tilley lived in the place after Zeb and Marvin Privett, Booker or Charley Tolliver may have lived in this area also.
15. Across the road from the Bower home is the old log cabin Marsh Fork school, now a church.
16. Just down the road on the left is the Old Brown Shoolhouse, now a church.
17. Past the Brown Schoolhouse on the left apx 1/2 mile is the John Bower place.
18. On past the J Bower place on the right is the Lee/Jane Clay home. now T J Booth place.

Phillips Homesteads on Old Black Fork Bower Ridge country road

From Saulsville interesection down Bearhole hollow 1/4 mile on the left.

1. The first home up Dixon's Branch on the left is the Marvin/Shirley Phillips place.
2. Next is the Lacy Phillips home on the left, Monroe Tilley, Granny Kemp and Bessie Taylor all lived here before the Phillips.
3.. The Freewill Baptist Church is opposite on the right.
4. Going left up the road apx 600 yards is the Posey/Ethel Phillips place.
5. Across the road here lives a daughter, Barbara married to Jessie Daniels. This area was owned by John D Canada, Lacy Dixon and a Cook.
6. Sidney Dixon lives just above the Daniels' place.
7. Continuing up the road at the head of the Branch is Bryce/Pauline Phillips. Their part of the land once belonged to Ephraim Dixon. It is not known if he lived there as was related to Old Man John Dixon who lived across the ridge on Black Fork, now part of the park.

John L Mountain (Low Gap) Homesteads

Beginning at Rufus (now John) Duncan's place coming towards Saulsville over Low Gap.

1. Old Peter Cozort & other Cozorts place, now Shelbrun 'Doc' Brook's place.
2. Starting up the mountain just over under the hill is Old John N Cozort place.
3. Crossing Low Gap on the left is Elbert Clay place.
3. Opposite on the right side of Low Gap is old McGraw, now Alfred Tilley place. This is the site of the old Low Gap School & Church.
4. On down the hill on the left is the old George & son Andy Milam place, later Will Tollivers' and now Vern W Clay's place.
5. Opposite on the right side is the old Milam, later Sidney Cozort, now Hargis place.
6. Just below the Hargis place is part of the old Milam farm where Halstead's now live.
7. On down the road in the curve is the old Garner Roles place, later Fred Tilley, then Posey Tolliver place.
8. Up the branch (Laurel) between Posey Tolliver & Halstead place is the James and Kelly Cozort place, now Fred Wesley widows' place.
9. Going on across the hill following the road up the branch to Cozort place (Laurel Branch) are the Wid Phillips and Sanders Shumate places.
10. On down the highway (rt 5) from the Posey Tolliver place is the old Amos Shumate, John Day, GC McGraw place, now Herschel Cook's place. This was the site of the second Saulsville School.
11. Opposite the Herschel Cook place is the Johnny Meredith place, g son of GC McGraw. At the back and at the top of the hill is the Low Gap Cemetery.
12. Next on the right is the Hattie McGraw Meredith, mother of Johnny, place.
13. Further down the road is the Tom/Faye Kelly home.
14. Up the hollow behind the Meredith/Kelley location is the old homestead, now Clarence & Audrey McGraw home. Tollison Shumate, G C McGraw, Andy Brooks, Hiram Tolliver all lived at this site.
15. Irvin Bailey lived up the bottom behind the Meredith place.
16. Next on the right is the Elmer Price, brother to Audrey McGraw place.
17. A bit further on is the old Martha Evans, now John/Idella Canada home.
18. Across the road going undeer the hill by the gaswell, is the Wirt Belcher place.
19. Further up the branch to the right of Belcher place is the Roscoe Goode home, also where Peter & Mary Belcher lived.
20. On across the mountain towards Windy Gap is the Wayne/Alpha Clay home and beyond that Russell M Clay place.
21. Back to the highway (rt5) opposite the Wirt Belcher place is Paul & Ruth Green place.
22. Up the branch behind Paul Green place is the old Hiram Tolliver place, also Billie & Viola Phillip, Dewey Wilson and Lacy Blankenship lived in this home.
23. Next on down the highway (rt 5) is the Hursie/Marie Shumate home.
24. Over the hill continuing downt the highway but off up a small branch is the Dennis/Pauline Shumate, now Steve Clay place. Kelly & Oma Shumate lived here in the 30's
25. Across the road from Dennis Shumate place is the old James 'Doc' Mouse Lafferty lived, Beck Goodes parents may have lived here a while, Jonce Goode & Becky, and even later Becky and brother Bob Belcher lived here. Thomas Phillips now lives on the property, grand son of Becky.
26. Crossing over another small knoll on the left is the old Dan 'Tucker' Shumate place, where later Eva Cozort Cook lived. Ted/Naomi Clay own the property now, where several of their children have homes.
27. On the other side of the Ted Clay place at the foot of his property is the old 'Tol' Shumate homestead. Tol operated a large store on land between what is now the Ada/Dan Tolliver home and their son Murrell's place. Garner Roles and Kelly Sizemore lived on the other side of the bank there.
28. Across the road from the Tol Shumate homestead is now the Tolliver Store, Clyde & Maxine Tolliver own it.
29. Behind and to the right of the old store building is the Russell/Janice Meadows home.

Saulsville Intersection Homsteads

1. From the new Tolliver Store, owned by Doug Tolliver, son of Clyde, down the hollow towards the Twin Fall Park are the Clay homesteads.
2. First home beyond the Phillips Hollow entrance is the Clarence/Hazel Clay place.
3. Just past Clarence Clay place up a dirt road is the Tom/Nancy Clay place.
4. On past Tom & Nancy Clay place is the location of the Saulsville Grade School.
5. Back to the highway and opposite Clarence Clay place on property owned by Henry Clay, is the Saulsville Baptist Church.
6. Turning right up the hollow past the church on the dirt road is the Henry Jr/ Betty Clay home.
7. Next is the Stewart/Martha Clay place.
8. Just past the Stewart Clay place turning right up the hill is the old Henry Clay homestead, now daughter Blanche and a son, Bill live there.
9. Next on up the hollow past the turn to Henry Clay Sr farmon the left is the Levi Clay place. This was the original Clay homestead. Henry T Clay.
10. Next after Levi 'Shady' is Willie 'Bud'/Stella Clay placeon the right. Other lived here and Buds' son Russell M Clay now owns it.
11. Next is the Wayne/Alpha Clay place. This place was where the 3rd Saulsville Baptist Church, formerly called the Low Gap Church was located.
12. To the left on the road past Wayne Clay place is where Russell/Mae Clay and children live.
13.. After Russell Clay place and still on the right is the Sue Shumate home. This is the old homeplace of John Shumate later owned by James 'Dirk' & Nan Shumate.
14 To the right branch just past Wayne Clay place is the area where the Sauls and later Amos Jonce Shumate lived. This road crosses over Weedy Gap and comes out past the Roscoe Goode place to reenter the highway across from John Canada place.
15. Back to the left fork past Wayne Clay place on past Russell Clay place is the George Halsey property. This was the first home of Charles Stewart and the site of the Wolf Gap School. The Halsey home is a log structure covered with siding.
16. Continuing over Wolf Gap on rt 97 to the foot of the hill on the right is the Keyrock Road. abt 1/4 mile up this road is the Claude Shumate home. This farm belonged to Robert Lee 'Stump' Shumate.
17. On beyond Claude Shumate is the Joseph/Martha Clay Shumate place, a daughter Allie lived here.
18. Beyond Allie Shumate Phillips was Jesse Vanhoy place.
19 Back to 97 and opposite of Keyrock Road is the old home of Burton Shumate, son of Joseph.
20. Across 97 to the right of Burton Shumate was a small hollow where Riley/Rosabelle Tilley lived, Tollison & Hattie Tilley also lived here a short while.
21. Back to interesection at Saulsville Baptist Church, going down the left branch is the Verne E Clay place. This property belonged to Nora Evans and maybe others, Marion Tilley, WR Shumate, Mouse Lafferty all may have lived there.
22. On towards the park on the right side is the old Stacy homestead.
23. Just past the entrance to the park to the right is where Brady Tilley lived, a Cook may have lived here before Brady. After Brady, John Henry Dixon and Lacy Dixon and Lacy Blankenship lived in this area.
24. Up on the point behind Brady Tilly place is an old homestead once occupied by Mouse Shumate. On this homesite is the site of 3 graves, 2 children and 1 adult.
25. On past here further into the park is another homestead, once occupied by Bill Clay, Freeman Canada, John Canada, Rufus Cook, Wooten,
26. Back to the entrance and to the right then to the left is the old Marion Foley homestead and gristmill at the Cabin Creek Falls.