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Town of Saulsville Page Index



 Tidbits & History Pages

Story of the Saulsville Post Office
Some things about Milam High School
A Gaswell Explodes in Saulsville
Nicknames of Some of the Folks
An Airplane Lands in Saulsville
Outline of Who Lived Where
Civil War Soldiers
A Bit About Logging Around Saulsville
Road Building around Saulsville
History of the Sam Fami Hotel
Indian Stories
Politics in Saulsville
Feuds & Fights
Story of the Foley Gristmills

 The Cemetery Pages

Bower Cemtery
Buchanan Cemtery
Cabin Creek Cemetery
Canada Cemetery
Clay Cemetery
Gunter Cemetery
Low Gap Cemetery
Lacy Phillips Cemetery
Mullins Cemetery
Pendry Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery
Pretty Ridge Cemetery
Privett Cemetery
Roach Cemetery
Sarver Cemetery
W R Shumate Cemetery
Tolliver-Phillips Cemetery
Old Tolliver Cemetery
Woods Cemetery

Miscellaneous Pages

 Family Trees Pages
1860 Census
Wyoming County Death Index
Wyoming County Marriage Lists
Wext Virgina County Formation Chart
Virginia County Formation Chart
Kentucky County Formation Chart
North Carolina Formation Chart
Clay Indian Massacre
Clay Kentucky 1790 Census Index

Photo Pages

Shorty's Ball Teams
Can you Identify These?
Clay Photos
Tolliver Photos
Shumate Family Photos

 Movies have been temporarily discontinued ( I lost the files)



Shorty's Pages

Short Stories about this n that
West Virgina's Story
Corn Likker
Coal for the Winter
A Ride in a Dumpwagon
A Belly Full of Peaches
1917 Auto Accident
Newspaper article "Community Service Award"
Photos of Shorty's Family
 Wyoming County Heritage Book Biographies
Emily Evans & Cynthia Green
Wm G & Minerva Tolliver Phillips
The Allen Family
Henry J Clay
Henry T & Venie Wiles Clay
Hiram Clay
John Chapman Canada
John McGraw
John L & Clarissa Prather Tilley
Everett Lacy & Susie Tollier Phillips
Rebecca Tolliver