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Politics in Saulsville

Because of Saulsville's location-being isolated from other parts of the county until the 40's, and it's citizens just not being interested in polictics, few people took part in politics other than voting Democratic in all elections.
Wiley Phillips who move his family from North Carolina before 1850 and settled on Cabin Creek & Saulsville, was the first person on Cabin Creek to take part in any form of politics. In 1850 the Wyoming County Court he was appointed Supervisor-elect on offices along with others. He served in the first election held in Wyoming County at the home of Samuel Mullins and later he served as Justice of the Peace and in 1861, Wiley was appointed Police Officer.
Although the Bowers' and Houcks' of Bower Ridge did not run for political office, they were influential in elections held in the Sauslville area. W. R. Shumate became an influential merchant in Saulsville by 1920 and ran for the nomination of Sheriff and was deputy Assessor for many years under Henry Clay's terms as Assessor.
In the early 30's Henry Clay was elected Assessor and was re-elected several terms. He was appointed President of Wyoming County Democratic Party and became a very influential person all over the county.
Mae S Belcher was elected and served 2 terms as a Wyoming County Delegate to the House.
James Tolliver along with brothers Woodrow and Clyde were appointed County Deputies under Sheriff Paul Goode.
Faye Clay, wife of Levi 'Shady' was the jail house cook for many years in the 1960's until her death.