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Picture Circa late 60's when the road from Saulsville to McGraws and on to Ravencliffe was widened into 2 lanes. This was done during the construction of Twin Falls Park era.


Road Building in the Saulsville Area

Feb 1853 : A new road was established 'commencing at Low Gap in Barkers Ridge near Jeremiah Solesbury to intersect with the road leading from James Wiley's to Baall's Store'.

Oct 1854: George Milam made application for a new road, commencing at location of Logan-Raleigh & Monroe Turnpike near mouth of Milam's Fork to interesect the road near or below Sand Mullens, to be dug five foot wide and chopped eight foot wide. Established.

Sept 1855: New road established. 'beginning at the state road at mouth of Mill Branch at the Nathaniel Young place thence the most expedient route to Low Gap/Milams Fork at the head of Cabin Creek, thence down Milams Fork to connect with Logan-Raleigh & Monroe Turnpike'.

Dec 1857: Calvin Sizemore appllied for a new road to commence at Geo Sizemore Mill (Cedarville) crossing the ridge to Benjamin Short's on Cabin Creek.

About 1916 a road from Jesse by way of McGraws to Saulsville was completed. No improvement of road leading over the Blackfork across Station Gap to Maben, across Beaver Ridge and down the Guyandotte River, down to Cabin Creek over Pretty Ridge and thru Buchannan place to Bearhole Fork.

1925 By bond election to improve certain roads in Slabfork District, a graded road was extended up Marsh Fork Branch, across Saulsville Mtn thru Saulsviile, Tipple(McGraws) to mouth of Milam Fork, down Laurel Fork to Jesse.

1933 WPA allocated funds to rock base the 1 lane road from Jesse to Tipple, Saulsville and Maben, to give work to needy citizens of the area.

1940's The 1 lane road from Jesse to Maben was hard topped with asphalt.

1960's The 1 lane road was widened to 2 lanes. Also in the 1960's, Route 97/Rhodendron Trail was upgraded from 1 lane asphalt to 2 lane asphalt from Maben to Saulsville intersection, and from the interesection down the 'dirt road holler' to Pineville a 2 lane highways was constructed. All of these improvements were necessitated by the construction of Twin Falls State Park.