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(c) By Hursie C. Shumate- 1963

In 1607 Virginia came to America first. Twelve more sister colonies settled on western Earth. Thirteen colonies wishing to be free, Became indiependent states in 1783. New states were added more and more, Fourteen, fifteen, and on to thirty-four.

Virginia had division pains in early days- Physical, spiritual. economical, and slaves. She was so busy with tobacco and cotton Her western side she'd forgotten. But she'd tax and tax as England had done. Dollars were collected and little returned. Sister states on every side Suspected Virginia would some day divide.

If a date could be set for Virginia to conceive, It was the ending of France's land claim 1763. It took a hundred years afterwards for gestation Before being born a state within a nation. Then there came that terrible war When brother fought brother and son against pa. A war that proved, once and for all, That between the states there can be no wall.

When Lincoln called for troops to coerce the rebel states, Virginia chose to fight for the Confederates. In her haste she couldn't tarry;, Altho suspecting that she would miscarry.

I was left alone on Allegheny's side, Undeveloped and weak and would have died, But weary hearts and eager hands Gave me strength and helped me stand.

There wasn't much time for celebration, My help was needed to save our nation. My loyal sons fought and bravely died On hill and valley and mountain side.

My strategic position on the map as a state Helped to defeat the Confederate. In 1865 the war draggedl to an end. The South came back unhappy, but a friend.

There we were on the map, Head to foot and front to back. All for one and one for all, We've pledged our unity, stand or fall.

All this is how I came to be A state June 20, 1863. Virginia's orphan child-her only daughter, Born out of wedlock without a father.

Now I'm the thirty-fifth state among the fifty. My people are loyal, brave, and thrifty. Some say I'm cancerous and losing my strength, That I'm dying internally, width and length. I'm not dying! It's not the end! I've only paused for a second wind. I'll rise again and stand by myself, And give my People happiness and wealth.

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