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Descendants of John "Old Jack" Acord


1. JOHN "OLD JACK"2 ACORD (OLD JOHN1) was born 1798. He married NANCY HARPER.

Old Jack settled on the head of Allen Creek in Raleigh County. He was a great hunter, some say he died at 104, others 107, and before he died he told a Mr Lane that he was 110 years old. It is said that he once left his family and was gone for 3 years, leaving his family to struggle along as best they could. Returning home unexpectedly, he found geese in the cornfield. He announced his arrival by cursing and storming in on the family commanding them ro go and put the geese out of the corn, saying "my back cant be turned a minute without everything going to rack and ruin'.
He was listed in the Slab Fork District in 1880, where he also listed his parents as being from Pennsylvania (again the typist cautions folks that based upon previous findings of mixing the two, this might be Pittsylvania County VA instead,)


Children of JOHN ACORD and NANCY HARPER are:
2. i. BEN HENDERSON3 ACORD, b. June 1824; d. 1913.
3. ii. ROBERT ACORD, b. June 26, 1828, Bolt Raleigh County WV; d. 1930.
4. iii. WILLIAM FLOYD ACORD, b. March 1833.
5. iv. HIRAM PATTERSON ACORD, b. 1844.
6. v. NICATIE ACORD, b. Abt. 1836.
7. vi. KATHERINE ACORD, b. 1839, Fayette County WV.
8. vii. MATTIE ACORD, b. 1841.
9. viii. ZUR ACORD, b. Abt. 1830.


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